Wacom teases its first mobile HD tablet – is this the end for the Galaxy Note?

The stylus specialist and purveyor of professional digital drawing kit for most of Hollywood is unveiling a tablet soon

While Samsung has made a valiant effort with the Galaxy Note's S Pen, it doesn't quite deliver enough sensitivity for processional use. Now that Wacom is unleashing a professional HD tablet, that may be about to change.

Wacom has revealed, on Facebook, that its tablet – aimed at creative professionals – will be out this summer. Coming from the company that specialises in digital drawing, working with most of Hollywood’s CGI teams, that’s an exciting announcement.

So far Wacom’s confirmed an HD display, smooth multi-touch, and a real pressure-sensitive professional pen. We can’t wait – and likely won’t be able to afford – this super tablet. If its anywhere near as senstive as the Wacom Cintiq 24HD's 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, we'll be taking out a second mortgage.

[Facebook via Engadget]

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