Virgin Atlantic offers in-flight mobile calls

It’s a UK first, using your mobile on a plane, but Virgin clearly hasn’t thought this through

Virgin Atlantic is the UK’s first airline to offer mobile phone calls in flight. Currently it’s only on Airbus A330 planes from London to New York but will be on 17 planes on at least 10 routes by the end of the year.

We're not sure how good this is. Imagine how annoying it will be to have a businessman yelling acronyms in your ear on one side while a weepy teen laments about being stood up in the other. Luckily the carrier AeroMobile (part owner by Panasonic) will be charging roaming rates that should dissuade most from using it excessively.

Alright we’re being difficult, this is a good thing and could prove very useful. But with American law demanding your phone be off 250 miles from its airspace, your call will have to be quick.

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