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This vacuum-powered tea brewer costs US$13,000

Would you sell you car for the perfect cup of tea?

Silly you. You’ve added two extra zeroes to that price tag.
Actually, we haven’t. This tea brewer really does cost US$13,000. Or £7700 if you prefer currency with the queen’s head on it.

Is it powered by unicorn tears or something?
Not quite. The Bkon Craft Brewer is powered by science, which is magical in its own way.

It makes use of a vacuum brewing chamber, into which you can place any ingredients you fancy. Lemon, ginger, apple and even Twiglets – it’s your call.

After it works its magic, you’ve got a perfectly balanced, flavoured cup of tea without any bitterness. You can store up to 200 presets and churn out a cup every minute as opposed to the standard six minute brewing time required for traditional methods. It works with coffee and cocktails too, putting your Skittles vodka to shame.

This vacuum-powered tea brewer costs US$13,000

But how does it actually, work?
It all kicks off in the brewing chamber, where air is removed, creating a negative pressure vacuum. As the pressure increases, gases are released from the ingredients and water.

The vacuum is then released, returning the chamber to regular atmospheric pressure which causes the flavours to infuse into the tea. This cycle is then repeated to ensure that as much flavour as possible is extracted and infused.

Because the vacuum creates a lower boiling point, the flavours don’t burn, which means no nasty bitter aftertaste.

It’s like brewing tea in space, minus the pesky suit and risk of death.


Brb, selling firstborn child for superior tea experience.
You monster.

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