US Army reveals Iron Man helmets - and they're running Android

They may not have quite the Tony Stark design down yet, but the US Army has unveiled its new hi-tech helmets, which link to an Android phone to provide a heads-up display

The new heads-up display, as its snappily named, will give soldiers up to the second information - as it tough enough to protect their brain from gunfire.

What about Google Glass?

The helmet has integrated electronics in the helmet, a heads-up display powered by an Android smartphone, and a pneumatic liner system that inflates to protect the wearer.

It's designed to fit it with other 'smart armour' being developed.

"The modular prototypes were designed to allow warfighters to adapt the headgear to the mission and to work harmoniously with your body armor, your hydration pack and your protective eyewear," said Don Lee, project engineer in the Headgear Thrust Area of Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center.

In inital tests, soldiers said their new Iron Man look was incredibly useful, and made moving around far easier - with tank operators saying it was particularly good at allowing them to look out without getting a mouthful of sand. Not quite what Tony Stark had in mind, possibly.

[Source: US Army]