Ubuntu Edge smashes crowdfunding record, but it's not enough

Sorry Pebble – you're not the biggest kid on the crowdsourced block anymore. But hey, at least you got made
Ubuntu Edge smashes crowdfunding record by raising more than US$10 million

Canonical's Ubuntu Edge superphone has overtaken the Pebble smartwatch to claim the title of the product with the highest amount raised for a crowdfunded product.

The Edge project is on US$10,350,776 at the time of writing, breezing past the Pebble's previous record of 10,266,844 raised on Kickstarter. It's not all good news though.

It's still a long way off the US$32 million dollar goal, and with only six days to go until the campaign comes to an end, Canonical should star thinking about wooing a handful of rich Arab princes to get the job done. Or just get manufacturers to chip in.

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth informed the BBC that the publicity of the Edge has resulted in discussions with manufacturers to bring the concept to life, so the 21 August deadline might not matter so much after all.

The Edge itself promises to be one of the most powerful smartphones ever made, despite its 720p display (which, by the way, is protected by scratchproof sapphire glass). With 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and full-fat desktop and mobile versions of Ubuntu and Android, it has the potential to be the first true PC that you can slip in your pocket.

So head on over to Indiegogo if you haven't  done so already, and pledge your US$695 to help forge a new breed of smartphone.