Toy Fair 2011 – Paper Jamz Pro rocks out new guitars and mics

The Paper Jamz guitar is back, and better equipped for – drum roll, please – shredding. Thank you, we’re here all week

Paper Jamz guitars are back with three new models (as seen in our pic) and loads more features. As well as notes and chords, the skinny axes are MP3 compatible, have whammy bars and accelerometers for shaking out a vibrato note à la rock diva.

You can also download new guitar sounds to your Paper Jamz Pro (as the new stringless instruments like to be called), while it comes with a tune bundled for the £45 asking price.

Not everyone wants to be Jimmy Page, though, and aspiring Robert Plants can take up the new Paper Jamz Pro Microphone to belt out an ovation-raising chorus. Tone deaf? Fear not – the mic’s loaded with tons of pitch-shifting tech to right your bum notes and there are also effects to give your nasal whine a bit of polish, add harmonies and ensure you reach the last 12 on The X Factor. Maybe. The mic’s £35 and both will be available from August.