Toshiba undercuts the iPad 2 with the Thrive tablet

The Japanese electronics giant enters the tablet arena and aims to win us over through our wallets


Tosh’s energetically-named new tablet, the Thrive, has been price-tagged with clinical precision, weighing in at US$429 (£262) in contrast to the iPad 2’s US$499 (£305) price point. Although UK prices have yet to be unveiled what we do know is that the Android 3.1 tablet will enter the ring with a Tegra 2 dual-core processor, an IPS display, a HDMI port and Toshiba’s Revolution+ technology which is also found on the company's televisions. A variety of interchangeable back cover designs will also be available, which is a welcome nostalgic throwback to the 3210 revolution of the '90s, where the only use for tablets was to alleviate pain.