TomTom outs 'connected' GO x40 satnavs for UK

We've known about TomTom's top–notch new Go 40 series for a while now, but the Dutch mapping mavens have just brought us word of what we can exp

Billed as their first 'connected' devices, the G0540 Live, Go740 Live and Go 940 Live all offer an extended version of their super high–tech IQ Routes. These give drivers the chance to get historical traffic information for every road, meaning planning a new route without getting caught in traffic is easier than ever.

Each model also comes with HD traffic, using Vodafone SIMs to detect where traffic is building up and offering you an alternative route to beat the jams and get home in time for a spot of football and a kip on the sofa.

HD Traffic is all part of TomTom's new 'Live' services, which includes weather reports, local search with Google, fuel price search and safety alerts. You'll need to stump up £7.99 a month to subscribe, but you get three months free when you buy one of the devices.

The Go540 costs £300 with UK/Ireland maps, Go740 £350 with 32 European maps and Go940 going for £450 with European and US Maps.

If you fancy one, you can check them all out at Stuff Live this weekend. Tickets are available from the official site now.


TomTom Go 40 series

Price: From £299

On sale: Now

Contact: TomTom