Tokyoflash launches Kisai Seven

The only way for punctual Tron fans to know when to crank up the Light Disc speaker system

Tokyoflash continues its trend of making fanboys' time-telling dreams a reality with the Kisai Seven, first dreamt up by wannabe hacker/ futuristic gladiator Scott Galloway.

The plastic watch, available in blue or white, has two LED "dials" with the hour on the inside and minutes on the outside – the dark point on the dial shows the time. So far, so simple – for Tokyoflash.

Since there are no individual minute markers, the LEDs also snake across the polyurethene strap to show whether it's one, two, three or four minutes past the five minute intervals marked on the outer dial. Either way, it'll look cool at night with the ladies no doubt flocking to its continuous light-up mode. And you can always double check the exact time on your smartphone if you're late for a Lightcycle battle.

The Kisai Seven has just launched for £62 (US$100) for the first two days but after that it'll get bumped up to £88 (US$140).

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