Thumbs Up '80s Phone shows off your inner yuppie

In the '80s, having a mobile phone made you a God. In the '10s, it makes you Nigel Normal. Unless you’ve got one of these

Wall Street. Gordon Gekko. Lunch is for wimps. Massive mobile phone. Cool. That’s really all we need to say about Thumbs Up’s new iPhone accessory that decks out your favourite bit of minimalist industrial design like a proper yuppie’s handset circa 1987.

This massive iPhone case (for 3G, 3GS or 4) bulks up your pocket Apple. And it’s devoid of the fancy tricks we’ve come to expect from bulky cases, like extending your battery life. Because the iPhone already has to be plugged into the mains almost as often as a Nokia-Mobira Cityman.

You can grab a slice of the retro from April for an '80s priced £13. Buy, buy, buy!