Three launches 3G Web Cube for home Wi-Fi

Ditch the phone line and take this fetching plug-in dongle with you when you move

Three's Web Cube might sound like a Davina McCall fronted game show but actually it's a lot less irritating and more use to your bank balance. It's a mains-powered, SIM-driven broadband connection that moves when you do. No calls to your ISP, no infuriating process of reinitiating your router, no fuss.

Three says the Web Cube can entirely replace your broadband package with the added bonus of no landline payments and installation fees as you can take your Web Cube from house to house, like a sleek box-shaped pet. 

Getting down to the nitty gritty of broadband speeds, the Web Cube should give you average speeds of 2-5Mbps and a max of around 10Mbps which, whilst nothing to get giddy about, ought to be enough for most casual internet users. You can hook up to five laptops, phones or tablets to your shiny new Three Wi-Fi network and they'll connect within a 30 metre range – not one for the castle then.

Trialling in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Leeds from this month, we hope Three will extend it to the rest of the UK as the prices also look none too shabby.

If you pay £60 for the Web Cube itself, £15 will start you off on a one month 10GB rolling contract or shack up with Three for 24 months to get 15GB a month for £16. If that's not enough to cope with your downloads, there's no higher data cap but we're sure higher price plans won't be too far away.

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