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These smart scales let you know how many calories you’ve got on each plate

That homemade triple-layer meat and mayo sandwich might not be as healthy as you think...

Kitchen scales? Be still my beating heart…
Yes. Kitchen scales. With Bluetooth powers.

Seriously? Why?
The Prep Pad smart scales chat to your iPad via Bluetooth, showing you the weight of whatever you’re measuring. But they go above and beyond the duties of a standard scale.

The free Countertop iPad app (an iPhone version will land in July) taps into a nutritional information database filled with thousands of food items. Coupled with the measured weight, you get an accurate calorie and nutritional information read out for every item of food.

These smart scales let you know how many calories you

I still have to add it all up…
No you don’t. The Prep Pad lets you add calories and nutritional information as you go along. Make a sandwich for example, and each time you add a new ingredient to it, it tallies up all the information automatically.

That means that home made meals no longer have to be a guessing game when it comes to watching your calorie intake. The only downside is that you’ll finally find out just how many calories are packed into your famous triple-layer tiramisu, though we wouldn’t let that put you off.

You can scan barcodes or manually choose from the vast food database too, so you won’t waste time faffing around inputting numbers yourself. It’s ideal for people that are counting calories, or want to watch their intake of certain food groups like carbs or fats.

Six pack, here I come.
That’s the spirit. You can grab a Prep Pad for US$150. Its food database is US-centric for the time being, but Prep Pad plans to internationally expand its support next year, so stay tuned.

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