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Technology-infused plant can water itself

Looks like the machines could have plants on their side for the inevitable robot uprising. Better stock up on weed killer...

Hang on, don’t all plants water themselves?

Well, technically yes. But not if they’re confined to a pot on your desk. Who’ll top up your beloved petunias when you’re off on holiday?

I have a guy for that

You and your disposable income. For the rest of us however, this Arduino-powered setup by Randy Sarafan will enable any plant to water itself without you having to lift a finger.

Is it powered by science?

Of course it is. An Arduino board controls a soil moisture sensor which regulates a water pump, so if you’re plant’s feeling thirsty, it’ll get an automatic top-up. Just don’t forget to leave enough in the reservoir when you’re off on your island vacation.

I don’t have a degree in electrical engineering

You won’t need one. Just follow the guide at Instructables and your plants will be watering themselves in no time. Just don’t pair it up with a Robotic Action Plant – mobile, self-watering cyborg plants are a step too far.

[Instructables via Dvice]

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