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This sweet-looking Redshift electrobike is mischief barely managed

It'll rip up the hills with you on a Sunday; leave you for a gym instructor on Monday

I could quite fancy a baby blue bike for pottering about on.

Don’t be fooled! The soothing hue disguises the Redshift ST’s true nature: that of a wheel-spinning, donut-burning, kerb-jumping urban hooligan. That pretty blue is a much of a misappropriation of design as the Burberry hat so beloved of young ASBOiks.

OK. I won’t get one, then.

Don’t be so hasty! The characteristics that make it such a weapon (in the right hands) also make it an attractive option for slighter hands. It’s electric, so it has bags of instant-on torque channelling though a bike that weighs just 114kg. No gears, no hot exhaust, no earplugs: just point and shoot, up city streets or down dirt roads. Range would be about 50 miles, and about six hours to charge.

Oh, that does sound good. Maybe I will get one.

Don’t bet on it! It’s a concept. But, Alta Motors already makes on- and off-road electric motorbikes so if this concept is well received, it wouldn’t have to do much to put it into production. Email them! (And ask them to ship them over to the UK from the US, while you’re about it.)