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Well wouldn’t you look at that. Just as your contract is coming up for renewal and you’re due an upgrade on that two-year-old phone, we’ve only gone and pitted six of the world’s best blowers against each other.

Will Samsung retain the top spot with its Galaxy S8? Can OnePlus still kick it with the big boys? Or will LG’s G6 snatch a surprise victory?

This month we’ve also been slaving away in the kitchen. Well, we haven’t – the gadgets we called in to test out have been, from a smart toaster to a soup-making veg blitzer. All we can tell you is the final outcome was incredibly tasty.

Elsewhere in the labs we’ve been putting 4K compacts through their paces, testing connected security cameras and blasting some tunes through an orchestra of portable Bluetooth speakers.

That’s not to mention the usual Hot Stuff, competitions and our famous Top Tens, which now come filled with more useful tips and tricks than ever before.

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