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Super-slim PlayStation 3 appears online

Could Sony be releasing a size-zero console to give existing consoles a hefty dose of self-image issues?

Alleged pictures of a super-slim PlayStation 3 console – dubbed the PS3 4000 – have cropped up onto the interwebs in the form of some authentic (albeit blurry) looking images on Brazilian site Tecnoblog.

The new PS3 4000 appears to be even skinnier than the existing slimline model and features a sliding top disc tray, covered by a ridged-crisp like finish.

There are three different versions of the rumoured console allegedly in the works, with 16GB, 250GB and 500GB hard drive options supposedly available – 16GB sounds like a typo, with 160GB making more sense.

Neogaf users have mocked up the images into some fancy 3D renders, so sit back, drink it in, and join us in looking forward to Gamescon in August, where all will hopefully be revealed.

[Tecnoblog, Neogaf via Pocket-Lint]

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