News's weekend gadget deals – in-car gadgets

So it's bank holiday again, and for once it seems the weather may have worked in our favour. Reported to be one of the hottest weekends of the year so

So it's bank holiday again, and for once it seems the weather may have worked in our favour.

Reported to be one of the hottest weekends of the year so far, it'd be rude not to hop in the car with your mates and take a road trip somewhere, wouldn't it?

Wherever you're going, have picked out our top five gadget deals for in-car gadgets that will hopefully make both the destination and the journey equally as enjoyable.

TomTom One XL – £139

Probably the most important in-car gadget for a road trip has to be a good sat-nav so you can get from A to B without taking a wrong turn. Hopefully.

The TomTom One XL is a pocket-friendly size, and packs the integrated EasyPort mount which saves you leaving one on your windscreen to catch the eye of those inconveniencing burglars.

But the big sell for us on this sat nav is that it comes packing a whole host of European maps, so if you're off on a road trip outside the UK, you aren't going to be stuck asking locals for directions in exaggerated, slightly louder English.


For keeping the kids quiet, or maybe just some particularly fidgety mates, a portable DVD player will do the trick no end.

This Sony offering boasts a 7-inch widescreen and 5 hours of battery life for those long haul road trips. But if you're really on a movie marathon – worry not. It comes complete with car charger as well so you can charge it up on the go.

It currently has £30 sliced off the price, giving you a bit more cash to splash on some top DVDs for the ride.

Shop: Argos

So when you're fed up of the movies and fancy banging out some tuneage instead, you want to be able to listen to what you want – not what a radio DJ does.

But instead of fiddling around with a new stereo system for the car,  simply hook your iPod up to the Griffin Roadtrip, and it will transmit the music from your iPod through your car radio.

The Roadtrip is compatible with all types of iPod, including the nano and the Touch, and will even charge them up for you while it's playing as well.

Shop: Amazon

With three points and a 60 quid fine riding on being caught on your phone while driving, it's really not worth the risk – even for a quick call.

To keep you on the right side of the law, we've dug out the Parrot 320 Bluetooth Car Kit, which will allow you to make and receive calls without lifting a finger.

It comes with voice recognition, and once you're on a call, will push the audio from you caller through your car speakers – muting any music that was playing automatically.

A nice touch is that if you have pictures  hooked up to contacts on your phone, these will flash up on the Parrot 320's colour screen, so you can see at a quick glance who's calling.


The worst thing on a car journey is when all those gadgets you've stocked up on to make the journey go faster, go flat. Luckily the PowerMonkey Charger is there to make sure you're never caught out.

Coming with a whole host of connectors and adapters, you'll be able to charge everything from your mobile phone to your camera and give it the juice you require.

All you need to do is remember to charge up the PowerMonkey before you leave the house. Much simpler than remembering to charge all 30 of your gadget essentials.

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