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Stuff Gadget Awards: what’s been your favourite gadget of 2021?

We’ll be revealing the winners of this year’s Stuff Gadget Awards in the January issue of Stuff magazine on sale 23 December as well as on this very site after Christmas – vote for your favourite gadget of the year now!

The Readers’ Gadget of the Year is always hotly contested and 2020 was no exception. As in 2020 it’s worth reflecting on a gadget industry that has provided a rare glimpse of of joy in a year that could otherwise be considered extremely sub-optimal.

At the tail end of last year we had the launch of once-in-a-decade next-gen consoles that cast a long shadow over 2021 as more people got hold of them and more games appeared.

We also had Apple’s continued march as it rolled out Apple Silicon to even more devices and there were so many advances in the areas of electric cars, TVs, noise-cancelling headphones and Bluetooth speakers, high-end audio and more.

Now it’s time to vote!

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Last year’s Gadget of the Year: Sony PlayStation 5

Readers’ gadget of the year: Sony PlayStation 5

It’s still hard to get your hands on one, and yet we fully understand why the PlayStation 5 edged out the MacBook Air (M1) as your gadget of the year for 2020. Sony has not only delivered an almighty powerful console to transform loading times and take HDR gaming to the next level – with all the ultra-realistic joys of ray-tracing – but it’s done so with a mouthwatering selection of launch titles, a haptic DualSense controller that’s central to the extra-sensory experience, and a price that isn’t as scary as we thought it might be. The wait may have been excruciating but Sony definitely delivered – even if the courier didn’t.


Apple MacBook Air (M1) (2nd place) OnePlus Nord & Marshall Emberton (joint 3rd place)