Students: Buy a new Mac and get free Beats Solo2 headphones

Apple's reliable back-to-school promo just extended out to the UK and other countries

Grimace all you want about Apple's premium pricing compared to many PC laptops, but MacBooks are all over university campuses (and most everywhere else) - and Apple's annual back-to-school promotion is surely one reason why.

Apple already offers an educational discount on devices, but in late summer, the deal gets even sweeter. As usual, eligible students, teachers, and other educational staff can save up to £159 on a new Mac computer (laptop or desktop), or up to £26 on a new iPad.

But if you act now, you'll also receive a free pair of Beats Solo2 wired on-ear headphones - a £170 value. Suddenly, that big Mac price difference disappears, assuming you can make use of a nice set of cans too.

And if you'd rather have the wireless version, you can just pay the extra £100 to cover the difference. It's as easy as that. Since Beats is owned by Apple now, you can also get those slick colours that match iOS device styling. A whole family of matching gadgets, no?

The deal is available via Apple's online store and runs from today through 18 September. So if you're a student or teacher on the fence about a new MacBook or iMac, and you've wanted some glossy headphones to rock in your dorm room (or flat), now's the time to pounce.

[Source: Apple via AppleInsider]