Spotify to steal iPod users from Apple

A new Spotify update lets you download music and manage your iPod. iTunes who?

Spotify is rolling out an update letting users manage their iPod music libraries, download tracks from 50p per song and sync playlists from computer to both iPhone and Android apps. All this and you won’t be pestered by Genius updating everytime you open the program. Could this herald the death of iTunes? Or will Apple's cloud-based music service – expected this year – crush Spotify's plans?

The catch is that downloaded music costs £8 for 10 tracks (80p each) with escalating bundles up to £50 for 100 tracks (50p each). If you don’t mind paying up front in bulk, this isn’t a bad thing and offers an alternative to the monthly £10 Spotify Premium subscription. But is it enough to break iTunes long-held grip on portable music?


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