Sphero robot ball gets UK shipping and two new apps

Plus Sphero maker Orbotix gets bonus points for its Fantasia meets I,Robot promo video

Everyone's favourite smartphone-controlled (and controlling) robot ball Sphero, will now roll all the way from the US to 95 new countries if you part with just US$160. Order in the next two weeks and you can also get a non too shabby 10% off with the self-explanatory code GETROLLING.

There's already a nice selection of apps to take advantage of Sphero's skills – you can draw a path on your phone and Sphero will mimic it or use the ball as a controller on a smartphone platformer.

And Orbotix's new app offerings, set to hit up the App Store and Google Play this month, look pretty cool too: Chromo's memory and colour matching game could get boring after a while but MacroLabs looks like it's on to a winner – you can program your Sphero to change colour and move in different patterns plus Android users will get multiball capability. Oh yes, watch the vid if you want to know why this is important to your life.

We're going to watch it again.

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