Soundflow docks use magnetic coupling to pump out smartphone tunes without cables, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Click on through to see how you can cut cables, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC audio out of your smartphone docks for good

We've spotted a rather interesting audio solution among the madness of the CES crowds here in Vegas, and it gets bonus points for using magnets which, as well all know, lie just beneath lasers on the list of desirable science tech.

The new Soundflow technology which is gracing RCA and Acoustic Research docks uses magnetic coupling technology to 'flow' your smartphone's audio to the larger dock speakers. Simply place your phone on the right spot and the fancy tech will be able to detect electronic signals before pumping your tunes out of the dock speakers. No Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, no AirPlay, no pairing. Easy.

Working with practically any phone with a pair of speakers (though this might mean mono-only sound), it's the simplest solution we've seen to an all-encompassing dock. Well, minus plugging in an audio cable that is. But who wants messy wires? Not us. Innovation and magnet technology all the way we say.

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