Sony PlayStation 4 specs, including 8-core Bulldozer CPU and new controller, revealed

Expect a new touch-sensitive controller and an 8-core AMD Bulldozer processor to lead Sony's charge on the Xbox 720

Despite Sony claiming it would wait for Microsoft to release its next Xbox before the PlayStation 4 arrived, just a day after Xbox 720 specs leaked, PS4 details have spilled online.

A reliable source has revealed to Kotaku that Sony’s PS4, or Orbis as it may be dubbed, will storm in with an 8-core AMD64 Bulldozer CPU – comprising 4 dual-cores – 8GB RAM, 2.2GB video memory, and an AMD R10xx GPU.

And the powerhouse amazes further with a new controller rumoured to feature a touchpad on the back much like the PS Vita. There’s also talk of a share button – perhaps to instantly upload screenshots from in-game victories to various social accounts.

Another interesting extra, multi-account sign in, means each new control pad activated will need to be signed in by whoever is using it. So if four co-op players beat a boss all their accounts would be awarded trophies. Sounds fair to us.

Expect more details to leak as E3 approaches in June, when the PS4 and Xbox 720 are expected to be revealed.

[via Kotaku]

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