Sony NGP to get augmented reality games

Reality is becoming a bit more virtual thanks to Sony and its next-gen PSP

The Nintendo 3DS will bring AR gaming to handhelds first when it ships on 27 March – but Sony Computer Entertainment director, Tsutomu Horikawa, says the Sony NGP (Next Generation Portable) will take it further.

After revealing a 20-foot-tall T-Rex at the conference (virtually) he announced that gamers will have a “Near” function that uses 3G to enable location-based gaming, including real-world treasure hunts (virtual treasure only for now). Those without 3G will be located using Skyhook, a service that uses wireless hotspots to pinpoint their location.

Get used to living life through a camera, as the NGP will be able to capture real-life textures for use in games like LittleBigPlanet. There’s even a passive camera for snapping your mug shot and putting your head on an avatar. Reality is starting to loose its meaning fast.


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