Sony gives PSP DualShock support

PSP owners have long bemoaned their console’s analogue stick, and now Sony thinks it’s come up with a solution – use a PS3 pad to co

The ‘PSP Plus’ system, announced at the Tokyo Game Show, will let gamers use the PS3’s DualShock 3 controller and its rumble powers, but only after they’ve connected their handheld to a TV via an A/V output cable.

If that wasn’t bonkers enough, there is another drawback – the system is currently only compatible with one game, Resistance: Retribution.

If you’re thinking ‘why not just play games on your PS3 instead’, you’re obviously far too sensible to work in Sony’s crazy ideas department.

Still, there was better news for Japanese gamers – Sony has announced that full downloads of PSP games will be available when the PSP PlayStation store launches next week. There’s still no news on when this will come to the UK but, hey, we’ve got a convoluted PSP add-on to keep us occupied.