This smartphone’s gigantic 10,000mAh battery can charge an iPhone 6s three times

It’s bascially a battery pack that make phone calls

Ever heard of Oukitel? Yeah, neither have we. But it’s a name we won't forget any time soon. Its K10000 smartphone can last up to 15 days of use on a single charge, and is now available to pre-order.

The impressive figure is all thanks to its insane 10,000mAh battery, which is itself a larger capacity than most external portable USB chargers that people carry around to top up their smartphones.

The capacity is so large in fact, that it’s enough to fully charge an iPhone 6s up to three times, and you can actually do that too, if you fancy it - a power-out feature lets it double up as a portable charger for your other electronics.

Spec-fiends will drool over the battery, but not much else however. A 5.5in 720p screen, 1GHz quad-core MediaTek processor, 2GB of RAM and an 8MP camera are nothing to write home about, but if you care about longevity, you’re not going to get any better than this.

If you fancy lording it over your mates with some newfound gadget stamina then you can import the Oukitel K10000 from Gearbest for a reasonable US$240, but it won’t be shipping till January.

[via Slash Gear]