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SIM2’s ‘budget’ HD projector

'SIM2' and 'budget' are words legally obliged to be at least two sentences apart at all times but, at under $5,000, this latest HD beamer is as close

It may only command a mere four figure price tag but the Domino D60 is no push-over (get it?). Promising full 1080p high-def it packs single-chip DLP projection system, based around Texas Instruments’ drool-inducing DarkChip3 0.95-inch DMD chipset.

To satisfy your home multiplex desires, it’ll throw a picture of up to 200in. With its extended contrast ratio in excess of 10,000:1, SIM2 boast it’ll knock spots off anything else in its price bracket.

No worries if you’re a projectionist newb either as three preset modes keep things simple and there are two HDMI ports for a spot of 1080p gaming on the side.

It’s shipping now in the States and should be on its way here ASAP. Start saving.


SIM2 Domino D60

Price: £TBA ($4,995 in US)

On sale: TBA (Now in US)

Contact: SIM2