Samsung unveils four new netbooks

Samsung has announced three new additions to its line of netbooks in the shape of the N210, N220, N150 and NB30.Those looking for a netbook big on bat

Those looking for a netbook big on battery life should have a peek at the N210 and N220 which claim to last for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

The NB30 and N150 don't fall too far behind their higher specced siblings though, with the juice to keep going for 11 or 8.5 hours respectively.

All four pack a netbook-favourite 10.1-inch screen, Intel's Atom N450 processor and a webcam, but we're waiting to hear from Samsung on hard drive and RAM specs.

What we do know is that the N210 and N220 will pack the "Instant On" capability, giving you the choice to turn on the computer to instantly hop online without having to wait for a full boot.

The NB30 on the other hand will be the rather hardy sibling for the clumsy ones among you, including a HDD freefall sensor will automatically protect data if it senses the netbook dropping.

We'd expect the N150 to be the budget option for those wanting to keep costs down, but exact pricing information hasn't been released as yet.

Expect to see all four on the shelves some time in January – we'll keep you updated on exact specs as soon as we receive them from Samsung.