Samsung Galaxy S3 wireless charger unveiled at last

Zens has announced the first wireless charger for the S3 that lets you do away with cables completely

When Samsung ran its Galaxy S3 launch video in London the mention of wireless charging piqued the audience's interest. Alas, despite being out for months and bringing record profits to Samsung, the S3 still has no official wireless charger – so Zens has stepped up to the charging plate.

The wireless charging specialists at Zens have announced that their charger will use a replacement back cover for your phone that comes in S3-matching white or blue – and doesn’t increase size noticeably.

The charging plate itself has multiple induction coils meaning you can literally chuck your phone on it and it’ll charge in any position. Once it’s full the plate stops charging (to help your battery) and switches to low power stand-by (to help your bills and the environment).

The Zens Wireless Charger will be available from September for €69 (£54).

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