Samsung Galaxy Note 5 tipped for late August arrival

Phablet could launch a little earlier than normal to steal a march on the next iPhone

Samsung traditionally announces its yearly Galaxy Note update during Berlin’s IFA tech show, which takes place in September. However, rumours abound that the company may unveil the phablet a little earlier than that this year.

Chinese site Sogi reports that the Galaxy Note 5 may be launched in a standalone event in August. Why would Samsung announce so early? Sogi contends it could be a bid to get it out into the world before Apple unveils its next iPhone, of which there’s likely to be a “Plus” phablet edition.

It could also be simply that Samsung knows that launching an important product during a trade show is something of a risky business: who knows what competitors’ products could steal the limelight. By holding its own separate event, Samsung can ensure it hogs all the attention.

Of course, none of this is confirmed, just good old “rumour and speculation” based on information supposedly gleaned from “people familiar with the matter”. In reality there’s not much we actually know for sure about the Galaxy Note 5, other than that it is indeed a product that is coming out at some point in 2015.

You can read everything we know and think we know about it in our full Samsung Galaxy Note 5 preview, but essentially you can expect a screen around 6in in size with either a 2K or 4K resolution alongside a powerful processor/RAM combination and likely a pretty decent camera.

[Source: Sogi via TechnoBuffalo]