The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is the phone that thinks it's a camera

And with a 10x zoom, 20MP sensor and optical image stabilisation, it might just be right
Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung has officially revealed the Galaxy K Zoom - an Android KitKat-running smartphone with a 20.7MP camera and 10x zoom. The K Zoom also features optical image stabilisation, a xenon flash and a 4.8in 720p screen

In typical Samsung style, it will be loaded with software features, with the likes of an autofocus/exposure separation mode, 10 optimised filter settings, object tracking and a Selfie Alarm function. Yep, that's Selfie Alarm; this couldn't be any more 2014 unless it came with a Manchester United defeat.

It'll also have several of the OS features found on the Galaxy S5, including a Lite version of the S Health app and Ultra Power Saving mode, plus all of the usual Android smartphone tricks and treats.

But design-wise it's a very different beast from the S5, and not just because of that 10x zoom round the back. Its rounded corners more closely resemble those on the Galaxy S4, and at 16.6mm thick, it's not one to wear with your tightest trousers. Neither is it waterproof like Samsung's new flagship.

The announcement confirms rumours that have been doing the rounds for several weeks, and also promises to confuse anyone who thought the recently released Galaxy Camera 2 was Samsung's prime Android-based snapper.

So just to make it clear - the Galaxy Camera 2 is A CAMERA. It has a 16MP sensor, 21x zoom and runs Android Jelly Bean. See: it's clearly A CAMERA. The Galaxy K Zoom, on the other hand, is A PHONE. It has a 20.7MP sensor, 10x zoom and runs Android KitKat. See: it's most definitely A PHONE.

Or maybe it's the other way around?

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