Samsung Bada OS to be open source

If you want a job done right, do it yourself – or in Sammy’s case, get others to do it

Samsung’s Bada OS has grown up to version 2.0, and that growth spurt will continue once it goes open source next year. That's the scoop according to a Wall Street Journal source, who says Sammy will unleash its OS on the wider world in 2012. Bada 2.0, with its improved social networking and NFC integration is the OS found in the new Wave 3 we enjoyed playing with at IFA.

We're not sure Samsung's new power-to-the-people tactic will boost its mid-range OS to the levels enjoyed by Apple's iOS or Google's Android platforms but it could open the door to a world of originality. Or it could become a giant sprawl of fragmented OS versions, each doomed to be housed on a handful of phones owned by green-skinned, agoraphobic OS anoraks. The former, we hope.


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