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SAM smart plugs let you automate just about any home appliance or gadget

Technology is a puppet, and you are its far-reaching master...

Everything seems to be smart these days. Phones, watches, glasses… hell, even your toothbrush has enough brains to outsmart your pet hamster.

But not everyone’s lucky enough to have clever lightbulbs or sentient thermostats. And that’s where SAM comes in.

SAM is a Kickstarter project created by SensePlug, and it allows you to transform any existing plug-wielding piece of kit into a smart, connected gadget.

Each SAM plug lets you remotely turn any connected device on or off remotely via Wi-Fi, thanks to an accompanying app.

The process can be automated too, letting you turn lights on in the evening to ward off burglars when you’re out, or automatically fire up a fan or heater when pre-set temperatures are recorded by the in-built temperature sensor.

Other sensors include motion sensors so that you can have that automated intruder klaxon you’ve always wanted, as well as an ambient light sensor which can crank up the night light protect little Timmy when it gets dark.

Not only that, but you can track your electricity usage in real-time too, though presumably only for the gadgets that are hooked up to the smart plugs themselves.

Automated actions are also handled by the app, in an ‘if this then that’ manner, and you can set custom alerts to keep on top of things while you’re away.

The smart plugs are available from Kickstarter in two form factors – the SAM Plug and SAM Strip. The latter offers three plugs and additional two USB charging ports, and the colour LEDs can be modified on both versions to whatever hue you fancy.

The SAM Plug is currently available to back from US$44, while the SAM Strip can be yours for US$109.

While the Plug will be US-only for the time being, the strip will be available in EU and UK versions too.

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