Roku coming to UK this month

Streaming media set-top boxes to hit UK and Ireland at end of January

The dust has barely settled on Netflix's UK launch – and streaming platform Roku is wasting no time in getting its little black boxes over the Atlantic.

Roku is launching in the UK at the end of January with two media streamers from its line-up, the Roku LT and Roku 2 XS.

The Roku LT is the lower-cost option, priced at £50 and featuring Wi-Fi and HDMI connectivity and 720p playback. 

Its premium cousin the Roku 2 XS supports 1080p playback, and comes with a motion-controlled Bluetooth remote for gaming and a MicroSD slot for storing extra games, plus an Ethernet port for wired connectivity if Wi-Fi's not your bag.

Both Roku streamers net you access to more than 40 channels of live and on-demand programming, including Netflix, Crackle, Classical TV, TuneIn, MLB.TV and UFC sports, plus games including Angry Birds. 

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