Rockstar announces DLC for LA Noire

Our brilliant sleuthing and trusty gut instincts warn us of downloadable levels for Rockstar's latest

If you’ve yet to step in to the brilliantly dark and gritty world of LA Noire then read our review and purchase it immediately, lest you become stripped of your gamer moniker for all eternity. If you’ve already completed it then fear not; Rockstar has announced downloadable content containing four extra cases, two suits, weapons and a collectable challenge. All seven extras can be purchased from Xbox Live and the Playstation Network and you can save yourself some all-important cash by getting a Rockstar Pass for USD$10 or 800 Microsoft points which will nab you the whole lot. The challenge and both detective suits are available to download from today, as well as two new cases, with another two cases set to hit on June 21 and July 12. Sure it would have been nice to have all of this from the beginning or even for free, but with a game this good the phrase ‘shut up and take our money’ springs to mind.

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