Renew recycle bins bring news to London

Digital communications pods take your rubbish and give you the news. Not a bad deal

Free newspapers are handy for whiling away the morning commute, but they don't half muck up the pavements. Now Renew's come up with a wheeze to attract city-slicker litterbugs to the recycling bins – by luring them in with 32in screens full of up-to-the-minute news.

These digital communication pods are springing up around London, sporting dual 32in adaptive brightness screens. And they'll offer even more up-to-date news than the copy of Metro you've just popped inside them, with feeds drawn from the London Stock Exchange, Getty Images, ESPN, Time Out, The Economist and others. 

And not only will these boffin bins supply news to the pavement, they'll also take away 1.65 tonnes of recycling a year.

The pods, which provide news from 9am until midnight, have been 25 in number over a one-mile area of The City since January 26. 100 should be in place by May with 200 ready for the Olympics in July. Ideal for traffic and news updates in what could be an apocalyptically hectic time for London.

Renew has also announced that its pods will act as Wi-Fi hotspots from later in the year. Could Wi-Fi recycling bins finally herald the end for over-crowded coffee shops? Rain permitting, perhaps.

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