Is Ralpha the death of bicycle Lycra?

New jeans developed specifically for cycling take away all your excuses for wearing Lycra

Ralpha has developed a pair of jeans that could replace Lycra – great news if you have that guy in the office who insists on coming to his desk in skin-tight gear before showering.

They're made from a super-strong fabric, and feature a high rear and low front, a reinforced back pocket to hold a compact D-lock, and a reflective logo inside the right leg so you can roll it up to go all high-vis. Demand is so great for the £150 jeans that the mill in Italy has crippled under the pressure.

Alternatives include a Paul Smith-Urban Outfitters collaboration at £145 that features a reinforced rear to cut down on saddle wear and a reflective details on the right leg cuff. American company Swerve has a pair with similar attribute for £68 on Cycle Chic.


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