Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 DAB radio alarm clock rings the changes

The clock is ticking towards British Summer Time. Wake up a bit less grumpy with a bargainsome bedside DAB radio

Waking up next to something ugly isn’t easy, but your eyes need not suffer again thanks to Pure’s new look. With British Summer Time (BST) around the corner Pure has released a new look alarm clock, the Siesta Mi Series 2.

Pure’s new DAB radio alarm clock isn’t just about sharp aesthetics though. The Siesta Mi Series 2 has a backlit LCD display that automatically adjusts to the ambient light and it'll rouse you to an FM or digital radio station that smoothly raises volume to stop you being awoken suddenly by the overenthusiastic morning cranks of breakfast DJs. And because it pulls its time signal over the air, there's no need to remember the three-finger combo most alarm clocks require you to recall twice a year to change to and from BST.

The Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 is out now for a pinch under £35.


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