Pure Contour 200i Air goes on sale for £200

This half moon-shaped AirPlay speaker is now available to buy – here's the specs and our hands on first impressions

Think AirPlay speaker and a high-end £500 beast might spring to mind – but we just had a demo of the £200 Pure Contour 200i Air and on first impressions, it looks (and sounds) pretty good.

We loved the Contour 200i Air's quick and easy Wi-Fi log in sharing feature – which means you can just dock your iPhone, iPod or iPad, press the dedicated button round back and a message will pop up on screen asking if you want to share your settings. Once you've done that, you're good to go – without having to enter any finicky Wi-Fi passwords unless you want to hook up your PC and Mac too.

The LED status indicator on the Air's left hand side lets you know if it's searching for a network, playing music from an iOS device or pumping in tunes from an MP3 player via the aux in – as long as you remember which colour means what. The 200i Air will happily stream from Pure Music (if you've subscribed) or Spotify, the dock will charge your iDevices – and since it pumps out 36W, with help from 3.5in dual full-range speaker drive units, we've got high hopes for it competing with the big boys of AirPlay streaming.

Plus Android fans will be glad to hear that a software update to allow Android streaming is on the way. Watch out for a full test of the Pure Contour 200i Air's sound quality coming to soon.

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