PSA: Grab a free 2GB Drive upgrade with a Google account security check

Safer Internet Day tie-in means extra online storage - assuming your password is up to scratch

Nothing beats a good freebie - and when you're securing your online account details in the process it's even better.

That's the deal currently available from Google to celebrate Safer Internet Day; complete a quick account healthcheck and you'll instantly get an extra 2GB of Google Drive cloud storage.

Google's account checker walks you through the two minute process, covering recovery information, account permissions, app password access, and any connected devices that have access to your account.

You can revoke access, make changes and add a more complex password, plus you can switch on two-factor authentication to stay extra safe. 

At the end, 2GB of Google Drive space is automatically added to your account. Not bad for the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

It's worth the tiny bit of hassle, too. Your Google account is a gateway to plenty of online websites and services beyond the ones actually owned by Google, and having it compromised could lock you out of things like Gmail.

This is the second time Google has given away Drive storage for Safer Internet Day, an international event meant to raise awareness of staying safe online. There's no clue how long you've got to earn your free space, but last year the offer was open for a week.

In the spirit of playing it safe, though, you should jump on this deal as soon as you've got two minutes spare.