Promoted: The ZTE Axon Elite… quality assured

It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum with leather trims. It scans your eyes. It’s bristling with cameras. And it’s even antimicrobial… it’s the ZTE Axon Elite

Designing a mobile phone is harder than it looks. You can’t just slap a piece of glass on a metal rectangle and head to the pub: everything from shock resistance to weight needs to be carefully balanced and measured, and that’s before you pick your materials. Plastic’s cheap but bendy; metal’s tougher but weighs more. You get the idea.

Getting it right takes expertise and inspiration, which is where smartphone builders ZTE come in. The Axon Elite is a smashing piece of kit: a flagship (yet affordable) 5.5in Android powerhouse with an eight-core Snapdragon 810 processor and dual rear-facing cameras for the ultimate in smartphone snapping.

World firsts

The Axon Elite is all about clever, tough design with elegance and a bit of flare . The back of the phone – the world’s first metal/leatherette combo on a handset – is slightly curved, making it more comfortable to hold. The floating screen on the front uses Gorilla Glass for toughness and scratch-resistance, which isn’t unusual, but it’s the first screen on the market to use antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, which kills 99% of bacteria. Anyone who’s warily handed their phone to a sticky-fingered child can breathe a sigh of relief.

It’s a tough little number as well. In the quest for a phone that will survive all kinds of handling, the Axon Elite uses aircraft-grade materials such as magnesium alloy for a phone that not only feels top-class, but is 80% stronger and 30% lighter than lesser phones.

Building perfection

The secret isn’t just in space-age materials. Painstaking manufacturing processes help too: the Axon Elite suffers more than 260 individual steps of machining, including being sandblasted and polished five times to ensure a suitably refined look and feel. Every single handset is fine-processed for over an hour and a half from 360 degrees to make certain the end result is worthy of Axon’s flagship status.

ZTE understands that the Axon Elite’s beauty can’t just be skin-deep, though. The phone is packed with features to make sure it’s as usable as it is good-looking and tough. It’s got eye-scanning security tech, for example, to allow you to unlock the phone with your peepers, as well as Quick Charge 2.0. Pop the Elite on charge for 10 minutes and it will give you two hours of renewed talk time. Leave it connected to the mains for 30 minutes and the battery’s charge will leap up to around 60%, allowing you to get much more than a day’s use with minimal fuss. Now there’s quality you can depend on, with timeless design to match.

The ZTE Axon Elite’s incredible audio capabilities are only part of its appeal. Head to the site to find out more about its awesome next-gen security, 4K video ability and 13-megapixel camera.

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