Privacy-encrypted Blackphone will hide you in the shadows

It's time to become a text message ninja. Take that, NSA
Privacy-encrypted Blackphone will hide you in the shadows

You're being watched right now. Every keystroke is being recorded. Your coffee mug has been bugged. And your cat, Prof. Bojangles, has been a double agent since the day you 'conveniently' found him abandoned on your doorstep.

If these are the sort of thoughts that run through your head on a daily basis then the Blackphone is the super-secretive smartphone for you. 

Created by Spanish manufacturer Geeksphone, the privacy-orientated smartphone promises encrypted phone calls and texts along with secure file storage and private web browsing via an anonymous VPN.

Running a modified version of Android called PrivatOS, Geeksphone promises a top-performing processor and compatibility with networks in all countries worldwide.

We expect to see more form the Blackphone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, where it will be available to pre-order from day one (24 February). Here is all the biggest news from MWC 2014 so far.

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