Pocket unveils its Android Wear functionality

You’ll be able to save interesting links for later reading with the swipe of a finger on your smartwatch
Notification on Android Wear

Android Wear is still a little while away from launch, but when it does arrive, web service Pocket will be among the first batch of third-party apps supporting Google’s wearables platform.

Today Pocket previewed article-sharing via Android Wear. Pocket’s SDK allows you to essentially save notifications with a simple swipe to the left and a tap of the resulting “save to Pocket” button.

An example: you’re on the train home and a BBC News app for your Android Wear smartwatch serves up a headline you fancy reading later that evening. You can save it to your list in a second. Likewise for links sent to you through email and messaging apps by friends.

What you won’t be able to do is view those saved articles on your smartwatch. You’ll need your phone, tablet or computer for that.

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Just a work-in-progress

Click here see an animation of Pocket's Android Wear in action.

The SDK is intended for app developers who wish to add the “read it later” action to their app’s Android Wear notification. However, Pocket cautions that, with Android Wear’s SDK still in a pre-release Developer Preview version, their own SDK should be considered a work-in-progress.

At present, app makers can only adapt their notifications for Android Wear. As long as they already have an Android app, it should be able to send notifications to Android Wear devices. A full SDK for Android Wear will be released in the future.

[Pocket via Engadget]

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