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This pipe-climbing snake robot is adorable

This tiny little fellow could one day be used for rescuing people from piles of debris. Skynet, keep your hands off

We’re no strangers to robotic snakes here at Stuff. Remember this terrifying chap that can carve through water with deadly calm?

Luckily snake robots don’t have to be so terrifying. Take the one developed by CMU Biorobotics for example. It’s tiny, can roll its way up pipes, and could one day be used to finding people trapped under debris. What’s not to like?

Even better, its flashlight-equipped camera is designed to stay stable in multiple orientations to avoid any motion sick operators.

This, folks, is how to make robots without endangering the human race. They don’t all have to throw bricks and scare us to death you know.

[CMU Biorobitics via Gizmodo]

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