Pioneer CDJ-2000 CD turntable is a touchscreen dancefloor titan

Pioneer's CDJ-1000 CD turntable is used by a raft of famous disc spinning folk, so its long-awaited successor the Pioneer CDJ-2000 is likely to be pre

The Pioneer CDJ-2000 adds a massive 6.1in screen which'll display song info, album art, wave data and all the song facts you need.

As well as the 480x234 resolution WQVGA screen, the Pioneer CDJ-2000 has a new touch-sensitive area called the Needle Pad that lets you skip to a specific point in the song.

Another seriously exciting new feature of the Pioneer CDJ-2000 is the fact that you can now use it as a MIDI controller for other devices. It also works with Pioneer's Pro DJ Link system which will let you plug in external hard drives and USB keys.

Connect a USB drive or external drive into one turntable and it'll be shared with any other Pioneer CDJ-2000 linked up to the system. Now that's what we call convenient.

We'll get fully hands-on with the new Pioneer CDJ-2000 turntable tonight at the Ministry Of Sound, so keep an eye on for more.

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