This performance-tracking wearable sex toy is Lovely

We're not speaking from experience, that's just what it's called

We've just spend a good ten minutes writing out all sorts of double entendres and R-rated puns, but in all honesty it's probably safer to cut straight to the chase.

Lovely is a medical-grade silicon ring which is designed to join in and enhance you and your partner's physical escapades.

It's packed with a variety of sensors which, coupled with an accompanying app, aim to analyse sexual performance.

It would be a waste of course, not to pack in a vibration motor, so thankfully that's included too.

Measured stats include top speed, calories burned and g-force - presumably so users can see how they rank against the latest supercars.

Personalised tips (which are probably best read beforehand) are also available, along with a guide on 120 different positions.

It's embossed for additional stimulation, and comes with a swanky inductive charging station, along with dual LEDs so you can check up on its status too.

We're not entirely convinced that a giant rubber guitar plectrum with a hole bored through it will suddenly thrust your love life into burning flames of passion, but hey, who are we to say that notifications instructing slightly longer foreplay won't get the sparks flying?

If you fancy taking Lovely for a spin, then head on over to indiegogo where you can pick one up for US$100.

[via Wareable]