Parrot ZIK touch-controlled NFC headphones out July

Gone are the days of fumbling for buttons thanks to these sleekly designed wireless touch-sensitive headphones

The Parrot ZIK cans are the first touch-controlled wireless Bluetooth NFC headphones. But they’re great for more than just cutting-edge technology.

They look perfect, because they’re from designer Robert Stark. They feel excellent, as they’re comfortably cushioned, wireless and have active noise-cancelling. And they're even attentive with mics and a bone conduction sensor that lets you take calls with perfect mic and speaker levels.

But the kicker is their totally unique touch controls that let you swipe your finger on the earpiece to control volume and tracks. And to pause? Simply take them off, and putting them back on will resume play. On top of that they have NFC so all you need do is touch your device to the left ear and it'll be paried instantly. And if the 24 hour battery runs down simply plug in the supplied audio cable and listen the old fashioned way (minus active noise cancelling).

The Parrot ZIK headphones might be a steep £350, but as a new technology pioneer with serious quality sound and looks, it’s not extortionate. Pick yours up from July.

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