Osram launch pocketable Cuby and Raystar lights

Torches don't have to look boring – these 'lighting accessories' won't let you down at festivals or in the attic

Looking for a good-looking LED light to add to your on-the-go gadget haul? Lighting company Osram has just launched two dinky new models that sound like video game characters – Cuby and Raystar – and should give you a couple of hours of light when you most need it.

Cuby is a cube-shaped gadget that will handily clip onto shelves, doors and your motor's grab handles to make a nifty reading light. It's 74g, charges via USB and will keep going for 3 hours.

The Raystar, meanwhile, features a clever triangular design so it won't roll away. Osram also reckon that the 58g torch is 'dirt-resistant' and you'll get two hours use out of it. The Raystar is £18 and the Cuby £20 (for one cube, not four) and both models come in black, white, blue and pink.

There's no room for batteries in either – which could be a pain – but we think Osram's Cuby and Raystar will have ugly torches cowering in dark corners from now on.

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