Is the Olympus TG-810 the toughest Tough to date?

Metal-clad all-weather camera now features GPS

Compact cameras have never come ruggeder (not sure if that’s a word) than the Olympus Tough range, but the company says its new TG-810 is the hardiest point-and-shoot it’s ever produced.

The 14MP camera can withstand 100kg of crushing pressure, a 10-metre water dunking, temperatures of up to -10 degrees celsius and a two-metre drop onto concrete without shrugging. Oh, and it’s scratchproof too.

As with previous Toughs, the TG-810 supports Tap Control, letting you adjust settings without the need to fiddle with dinky little buttons – handy for glove-wearers.

With GPS and an electronic compass now added to the feature list, you can check on over 700,000 nearby points of interest as well as your location and altitude.

The Olympus Tough TG-810 is out today, priced at £270. Don’t got to the Arctic without one.