Olympus introduces SZ-31MR and SH-25MR to its Traveller series

Get up close and personal with this pair of compact superzoomers from Olympus

Olympus' Traveller series is joined today by two new compact cameras, the SZ-31MR and SH-25MR compact cams.

The SZ-31MR (pictured above) packs in a 16MP sensor, a shiny new dual engine TruePic V image processor and the same Olympus iHS tech found in the recently announced TG-820 and TG-620 Tough compacts, giving you clearer images in poor lighting conditions.

The SZ-31MR also features a mighty 24x optical zoom, impressive for a camera of its size. 1080p video recording and a 3in touchscreen with touch auto-focusing rounds off the spec sheet nicely; you can grab one from late March for £300.

Also joining the Traveller series is the SH-25M which packs in a respectable 12.5x optical zoom as well as the same 16MP sensor, iHS technology and 1080p video recording as its 24x optical zoom-toting sibling.

GPS is an added bonus to the SH-25M's feature list and although it will be arriving a month later in April, it will arrive sporting a slightly lower price tag of £230.

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